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GENUINE JOY Delicate ring.
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GENUINE JOY Delicate ring.

Every spin of the 18-karat ring offers a special play of colours: Tiny mosaics in eight newly-developed summer shades of Wellendorff cold enamel and sparkling diamonds bring back memories of moments when life was a genuine joy.

The highest quality goldsmithing

The GENUINE JOY Delicate ring successfully combines precision, perfect craftsmanship and the latest technologies. With a width of just 4.9 mm, it is one of the thinnest Wellendorff rings made from four individual rings. Using a 0.2 mm thin diamond stylus, 169 light-reflecting decorations are engraved into the highly polished base layer of each coloured mosaic, resulting in unbeatable dazzling colours.
Have you spotted the delicately engraved heart? Discreetly concealed in an orange mosaic field, it reminds the wearer of her personal favourite moment.

Perfection down to the very last detail

18-karat yellow gold (also available in white gold)
Wellendorff-cold enamel:
Orange tones
Blue tones
Green tones
0,173 ct
Ring width:
4,9 mm
Special features:
Ring is rotatable
Guardian angel engraving
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