Das Brillant-W Heimat der Wahre Werte

Our Promise of Quality.


The journey a piece of jewellery takes through the manufactory in Pforzheim is a long one, and it only leaves when it is completely perfect. To achieve this, the most experienced master goldsmiths work side by side, day in and day out.

Ring Zwe Herzen Eine Seele Manufaktur Fassen


While a goldsmith usually works to the nearest tenth of a millimetre, Wellendorff works to the nearest hundredth of a millimetre. To guarantee such a high degree of perfection, which is the standard at Wellendorff, skilled experts and specialists work in every department. New talent is trained for over two years in Wellendorff's own academy.

Manufaktur Testverfahren Patentierte Schliesse


Every detail of a piece of jewellery that is being created is subject to a series of tests to check its durability under both normal and extreme conditions. Such tests include special UV, abrasion and climate tests and even mechanical checks in which a clasp is opened and closed over 40,000 times.

Manufaktur Ring Zwei Herzen Eine Liebe Lupe Kontolle


Each diamond is carefully examined under 10x magnification, as is the piece of jewellery that will display it. The goldsmiths even use 40x magnification to ensure that every detail of the piece of jewellery is perfect.

Manufaktur Ring Engelsschimmer


Every piece of jewellery produced in the manufactory is made to order and is created especially for its wearer. There is no stock and no article or reference numbers. Each piece of jewellery displays its own name.

Manufaktur Brillant-W


In keeping with the philosophy of Genuine Values, each piece of jewellery is finally signed with the Diamond-W – a full-cut diamond set in 18-karat gold. It is the symbol of Pfrozheim-made goldsmithing par excellence.

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From innovation to icon.

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The Wellendorff Manufactory.

From the initial sketch to the finished piece of jewellery: experience, knowledge, an understanding of materials and attention to detail come together in the Wellendorff manufactory.

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Pforzheim 1914
The History of Wellendorff.

The combination of tradition and innovation couldn't be better expressed than in Wellendorff's company and family history.

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Responsibility and mindfulness have always been part of Wellendorff’s DNA. Read on to see how jewellery making and sustainability come together in the manufactory.

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