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The Wellendorff Icons.



The attention to detail is reflected in three creations that have gone down in jewellery history as style icons: the Wellendorff rope, the Wellendorff ring and the Wellendorff bracelet made of “flexible gold”.

Wellendorff Kordel


Since its first appearance in 1977, the Wellendorff rope has continued to captivate with its marriage of apparent opposites: 18-karat gold that is as soft as silk. The secret lies in years of experience, dexterity and an understanding of materials. The intricate winding of very fine gold wire, a process mastered by only three skilled goldsmiths, is the foundation of the unique Wellendorff rope, crafted following approximately 50 steps. Each of the rope's gold strands harbours a secret “soul”, also made of 18-karat gold. This "soul" ensures both the stability and distinctive flexibility of the necklace. An icon, created with precision and dedication.

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In addition to the variety of vibrant Wellendorff cold enamel colours, the gentle and playful spinning of the rings gives each Wellendorff ring its unique charm. All Wellendorff rings are made up of at least four individual bands, which can be spun smoothly and yet form a single solid whole. The precision down to the nearest hundredth of a millimetre, which characterises the delicate work required from the master goldsmiths, ensures that the ring will continue to spin effortlessly around itself for years to come.

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Master goldsmiths managed to solve a millennia-old problem in the history of jewellery with the “flexible gold” bracelet: for the first time, bracelets made of 18-karat gold can be wrapped around the wearer's wrist without a clasp and return almost magically to their original shape. Pushing the physical elasticity limits of 18-karat gold was previously considered impossible. But where others would fail, after 17 years of development, the goldsmiths at Wellendorff succeeded: a redesigned inner gold soul makes all the difference. Twice as supple as normal gold, the flexible gold created gives the EMBRACE ME Bracelet the unique quality of being among the most delicate bracelets in the world.

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The idea of a spinning solitaire ring seems like an insolvable contradiction: a solitaire should always be perfectly visible, while the spinning Wellendorff ring loves to play with movement. However, with over 130 years of goldsmithing experience, we have succeeded in solving this apparent contradiction: the goldsmiths place the solitaire and the block ring as close together as possible and yet allow for smooth, seamless spinning. The precision required is a technical revolution, for which Wellendorff has received a patent.

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Our promise of quality.

When is the Diamond-W - the manufactory's renowned and exclusive trademark - applied to a piece of jewellery?

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The History of Wellendorff.

The combination of tradition and innovation couldn't be better expressed than in Wellendorff's company and family history.

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Responsibility and mindfulness have always been part of Wellendorff’s DNA. Read on to see how jewellery making and sustainability come together in the manufactory.

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The Wellendorff Manufactory.

From the initial sketch to the finished piece of jewellery: experience, knowledge, an understanding of materials and attention to detail come together in the Wellendorff manufactory.

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