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Love at first sight

He’s a man who thinks analytically and strategically. His job requires it. Within a decade he has built a successful company that advises telecommunications companies. Despite spur of the moment impulses and making gut decisions – which are not one of the outward character traits of Hans-Peter H. – there was a moment in May 2021 when he surprised everyone. Even himself a little bit too. He made a courageous decision, guided solely by emotions. He experienced the adventure of love at first sight. And gave it a chance…

Credit: Julian Rentzsch

Credit: Julian Rentzsch

Credit: Julian Rentzsch

An unusual idea

It all began when he came across a picture of a Wellendorff bracelet from the EMBRACE ME collection in the ‘Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung’ newspaper. A unique piece boasting 141 diamonds and crowned with a flawless 8-carat, pear-cut diamond. “It was just a photo, but I was immediately fascinated by this piece of jewellery, which I saw as more of a work of art,” says the entrepreneur.

At the time, Hans-Peter H. never really hoped to actually buy the unique piece of jewellery. “I assumed that it had already sold in advance,” he says, “as is the case with limited-edition Ferraris, for example.” He was all the more surprised when, after asking a dealer, he was invited to the Wellendorff manufactory.

“The conversation there with Christoph Wellendorff felt like a job interview,” he continues. “I could completely understand why. A masterpiece that contains all of a company’s know-how is not so easy to hand over.” It’s also a very valuable piece of jewellery. Hans-Peter H. finally won over Christoph Wellendorff by surprising him – with an unusual idea. The new owner did not buy the bracelet for a woman, but for himself. And only indirectly, because the piece of jewellery has now been made accessible to the public. “I want anyone who wants to, to be able to experience the beauty of this unique piece of jewellery.”

See the piece of jewellery in its new home

A separate display case in the front area of the Jewellery Museum in the Reuchlinhaus, Pforzheim is now dedicated to the bracelet and flexible gold. The Museum Director, Cornelie Holzach, is delighted with the new addition. Joined by Christoph Wellendorff at the opening, she comments: “Being able to display this new creation here is truly special. As a goldsmith, I am fascinated by the softness that the material elicits.” Christoph Wellendorff is thrilled about his customer’s decision to share the unique piece publicly: “usually, customers who buy a piece of jewellery from us are celebrating a private moment, their love, an achievement, the birth of a child. But this customer celebrates our achievement, honouring our outright pursuit of perfection and the associated revolution in jewellery technology that has gone into this bracelet.”

You can find the opening times and ticket sales for the Jewellery Museum here:

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Fotos: Elias Hassos, TVNOW/Bernd-Michael Maurer

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