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Limited edition NOBLE GOLDEN RAINBOW Necklace of the Year 2022.
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Limited edition NOBLE GOLDEN RAINBOW Necklace of the Year 2022.

The limited edition NOBLE GOLDEN RAINBOW Necklace of the Year 2022 embodies the diversity of life – crafted with love for the special people who leave a rainbow of hope in your soul.
A necklace that combines uncomplicated lightness with sparkling elegance thanks to the additional strand of brilliant-cut diamonds that can be securely and intuitively attached or unattached as desired. This allows the wearer to choose whether they want to wear their necklace in a colourful scaled-back way or make a striking statement. Light and understated for everyday effortless elegance.

The Magical Cube

Wellendorff connoisseurs have long wished for us to integrate the cold enamel colours of a Wellendorff ring into the world’s “softest necklace”. But how do you apply colour to an entire piece of jewellery without losing the softness? The
solution: 103 tiny and closely-set 18-karat gold cubes filled with cold enamel. Using a 0.2 mm thin diamond stylus, 144 light-reflecting decorations are engraved into the highly polished base layer of each individual cube, allowing the colours of the necklace to shine from within. In total, 14,832 decorations create unsurpassable dazzling colours in a single necklace.

Perfection down to the very last detail

18-karat yellow gold (also available in white gold)
7,827 ct
Special features:
Gold as delicate as silk
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