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The limited-edition ring Secret Heart

Wellendorff has chosen the heart as a loving symbol of its 125th anniversary. In the limited-edition spinning anniversary ring Secret Heart, the heart is almost entirely concealed between the white diamonds and blocks of crystal black Wellendorff-cold enamel, allowing the wearer to reveal the significance of this striking piece of jewellery to whomever they wish.

Limited for 125 hearts around the world. 

Spinning independently yet closely connected

The ring Secret Heart is elaborately crafted with great experience, attention to detail and precision to within one hundredth of a millimetre. A round inner-ring houses three separate octagonal outer-rings that can be smoothly spun, allowing them to move independently of each other whilst being closely connected. The octagonal shape makes each rotation particularly captivating. Despite its faceted appearance, the anniversary ring Secret Heart glides softly and smoothly through the fingers. In keeping with all the pieces of jewellery created by Wellendorff, this ring is signed with the unmistakeable Diamond W, guaranteeing the highest quality and supreme expression of the goldsmith’s art.

Fascinating mosaic effect

18-karat white gold (also available in yellow gold)
Wellendorff-cold enamel:
Black tones
Several diamonds
Ring width:
9,0 mm
Special features:
Ring is rotatable
Guardian angel engraving
Wellendorff - Genuine Values