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The Wellendorff world

From Love. The Best. For more than 127 years, the Wellendorff family business has been creating exceptional precious jewellery from 18-karat gold in the Golden City of Pforzheim. Still today, the manufactory is run with great dedication on the part of the fourth generation and is the only jewellery manufactory that remains in the hands of the founding family.

The Fourth Generation of a Family Business

Tradition and family – these two values are inextricably linked with the Wellendorff name. Founded in 1893, today the company is run by the fourth generation of the family, making it the only jewelry company that remains in the hands of the founding family. To this day, the founder’s words shape the company’s philosophy: “Take only the best of everything, gold and diamonds, the best goldsmiths, the best tools and you will create the best jewelry for the most distinguished jewelry aficionados in the world.” These words are brought to life with every piece of jewelry made in the Wellendorff manufactory – in the quality of the creations and with the attention to detail that goes into each piece. From Love. The Best.

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Made in Germany

Where others give up, Wellendorff rises to the challenge. The jewelry manufactory is characterized by its unparalleled pursuit of quality and excellence – the very qualities inherent in the moniker “made in Germany”. Wellendorff jewelry is more than the design; the feel and the technology behind it are just as important. Across the world, the family business is held up as a leader in gold technology. Wellendorff does not take its success for granted; instead, it continually sets new standards with its innovative developments and patents, its own gold alloy, its own production methods and quality standards. Jewelry that will bring joy for a lifetime, made in Pforzheim. From Love. The Best.

The Wellendorff Innovations

With its sophisticated developments, Wellendorff sets globally unparalleled standards of goldsmithing artistry, in terms of the technology and the craft. The gold rope, called the world's “softest necklace” by connoisseurs of fine jewelry, and the Wellendorff spinning ring, also known as the world's “most vibrant ring”, are icons of the world of jewelry. After 17 years of development, Wellendorff has crafted a minor technical miracle with the new EMBRACE ME bracelets: “Flexible gold”, twice as supple as standard gold. With the floating diamond, set in an amulet, Wellendorff made every goldsmith’s dream come true. A patented spinning solitaire ring ingeniously combines the movement of Wellendorff’s spinning rings with the sublime stillness of a solitaire. It is innovations such as these that time and time again confirm Wellendorff’s position at the forefront of goldsmithing technology.

The Wellendorff secrets

Love is the driving force behind everything created in the Wellendorff jewellery manufactory. Spinning rings, silky-soft ropes and special Wellendorff-cold enamel: Discover the fine technical details and secrets of the Wellendorff jewelry manufactory.

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The Wellendorff icons

Gold as soft as silk that glides smoothly over the skin? Find out more about the Wellendorff style icons of jewelry history: icons such as the the world’s “softest necklace” and the world's “most vibrant ring”, made in Germany in the Wellendorff jewelry manufactory.

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The Wellendorff collection

Wellendorff has invested passion, precision, heart and soul into the development and production of each jewelry piece. Bring your jewelry dreams to life with the latest 18-karat gold pieces from the jewelry manufactory in Pforzheim, made for eternity.

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