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The Wellendorff secrets

Spinning rings, silky-soft ropes and special Wellendorff-cold enamel: 
Discover the fine technical details and secrets of the Wellendorff jewelry manufactory.

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The Wellendorff spinning rings

The smooth spinning of Wellendorff rings is unique in the world. Every ring consists of at least four individual rings that are joined together, while remaining free to move. Precision to the nearest hundredth of a millimeter ensures that up to five inner rings can spin independently. With every spin, the wearer unleashes an array of colors and light, like a display of fireworks, reminding her of unforgettable moments of happiness. It feels as though the ring has come to life. This is why Wellendorff connoisseurs have also named it the world’s “most vibrant ring”.

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The Diamond W

The Diamond W is the most valuable trademark in the world: Every piece of Wellendorff jewelry is signed with a full-cut diamond, set in 18-karat gold, as a guarantee of the highest quality. It represents the brand’s Genuine Values: Exceptional precision following the tradition of genuine craftsmanship, manufactured in Pforzheim. By launching the memorable trademark in 1970, Hanspeter Wellendorff turned his vision into reality: that every individual piece of jewelry should be clearly identifiable as a part of the Wellendorff family. Tested and checked, the "Diamond W" guarantees quality throughout the world that will last for generations.

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Wellendorff cold enamel

Sparkling like star dust, exquisite crystal pigmentation and incomparably intense, dazzling colors – Wellendorff cold enamel has so many astonishing facets. Its delicate translucency gives a clear view of the many levels of engraving in the base layer. This creates stunning light effects and vibrant reflections of color, giving visual depth to the pieces of jewelry. The formula for the cold enamel that is applied in up to three layers was developed by the Wellendorff experts themselves, in order to follow the distinctive shape of the gold. It is also scratch and shock-resistant, making it eminently suitable for favorite pieces of jewelry that you might wish to wear every day.

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A personal message

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Wellendorff jewelry is a gift like no other. It gives its wearer strength and keeps her safe. The inside can be engraved with a message from a special person as a reminder of moments of happiness: Joy captured forever in 18-karat gold. Engraved by hand on the inside of the piece, an engraving such as this is not only a supreme expression of the goldsmith’s art, but also a very personal secret, intended solely for the wearer's eyes. The wearer feels this profound meaning each time she wears her Wellendorff jewelry and with each spin of her Wellendorff ring.

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The Wellendorff alloy

The Wellendorff alloy is smelted from pure gold, silver and copper, following a closely guarded family formula. It is characterized by its subtle warm red-gold tone, which is particularly flattering. A small yet important detail distinguishes it from other alloys: While convention dictates that 18-karat gold contains 750 parts of pure gold for every 1,000 parts, Wellendorff's master goldsmiths always add two additional parts of pure gold, in an "over-alloying" process. This exclusive increase gives the wearer full confidence that their Wellendorff jewelry contains at least 750 parts of pure gold throughout the entire piece.

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An inner guardian angel

Giving joy and protection for a lifetime” – every ring and amulet now carries this heartfelt message in the form of a small guardian angel. The inspiration for this symbol of protection came from a Wellendorff enthusiast: In a letter to the Wellendorff Family, she described how she had lost practically everything she owned in a fire. Only her Wellendorff necklace, adorned with a guardian angel, survived the flames. Since then, she believes, “Miracles do happen.” And since then, the inside of every piece carries this delicate engraved angel to watch over the wearer.

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Expert two-prong setting

Only the most exquisite diamonds are chosen for Wellendorff jewelry. Setting these valuable stones using the two-prong setting is an art that can only be accomplished by the world’s best setters. Each individual stone is securely set by hand using two gold beads per diamond. This ensures that the gold covers as little of the diamond as possible, revealing its full splendor. This method is particularly suited to pavé setting, which involves placing the stones so close together that they seem to form a single, sparkling surface. This creates unparalleled brilliance, as infinite and irresistible as love itself.

The Wellendorff icons

Gold as soft as silk that glides smoothly over the skin? Find out more about the Wellendorff style icons of jewelry history: icons such as the the world’s “softest necklace” and the world's “most vibrant ring”, made in Germany in the Wellendorff jewelry manufactory.

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The Wellendorff collection

Wellendorff has invested passion, precision, heart and soul into the development and production of each jewelry piece. Bring your jewelry dreams to life with the latest 18-karat gold pieces from the jewelry manufactory in Pforzheim, made for eternity.

Discover the collection

The Wellendorff manufactory

For more than 127 years, the Wellendorff family business has been creating exceptional precious jewellery from 18-karat gold in the Golden City of Pforzheim. The jewelry manufactory is characterized by its unparalleled pursuit of quality and excellence.

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Wellendorff - Genuine Values