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The Wellendorff Icons

Attention to detail is reflected in three creations that have become style icons in the history of jewellery. Referred to by jewellery connoisseurs as the world’s “softest necklace”, the world’s “most vibrant ring” and the world’s “finest bracelet” were inspired by very personal love stories.

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The world's “most vibrant ring”

The smooth, gentle spinning of 18-karat Wellendorff rings is almost legendary. Every Wellendorff spinning ring consists of at least four individual rings that can be rotated gently but together form a solid whole. Precision to the nearest hundredth of a millimeter ensures that the ring will continue to spin smoothly for many years to come. Brand connoisseurs say that anyone who has ever felt the world’s “most vibrant ring” on their finger will never want to wear another.

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The world’s “softest necklace”

Love has always been the driving force behind everything created by Wellendorff – the same applies to the world-renowned gold rope, inspired by a deeply personal love story and a gift to Eva Wellendorff from her husband. Like a fairy tale, 18-karat gold is spun into an extremely fine golden thread and then twisted by hand into flexible ropes. The gold rope combines two apparent opposites: Hard gold as soft as silk that glides smoothly over the skin: the world’s “softest necklace”.

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  • 355x370_ikonen_armband_umarme_mich4

Flexible gold: the EMBRACE ME bracelet

How lovely would it be if you could put on a Wellendorff bracelet without having to open and close it? A bracelet that embraces ... that sits flexibly and almost magically around your wrist? But for that you would need “flexible gold”. Everyone said flexible gold was just not possible. Nothing less than a technical miracle could push the physical limits of 18-karat gold’s elastic deformability. Now, for the very first time, Wellendorff has accomplished something never before achieved. The redesigned inner gold core makes all the difference. Flexible gold, twice as supple as standard gold. The new Wellendorff EMBRACE ME bracelet.

  • 355x370_ikonen_der_erste_drehbare_solitaerring_1
  • 355x370_ikonen_der_erste_drehbare_solitaerring_2
  • 355x370_ikonen_der_erste_drehbare_solitaerring_3

The first Wellendorff spinning solitaire ring

At first glance, it seems an irresolvable paradox: A solitaire should always be visible, whereas the spinning Wellendorff ring thrives on movement. By harnessing over 125 years of wisdom, this apparent contradiction was overcome, creating the finest spinning solitaire ring from 18-karat gold. The solitaire and block ring are positioned as close as possible and yet spin gently and smoothly. The degree of precision achieved is nothing short of a minor technical revolution.

The Wellendorff collection

Wellendorff has invested passion, precision, heart and soul into the development and production of each jewelry piece. Bring your jewelry dreams to life with the latest 18-karat gold pieces from the jewelry manufactory in Pforzheim, made for eternity.

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The Wellendorff secrets

Love is the driving force behind everything created in the Wellendorff jewellery manufactory. Spinning rings, silky-soft ropes and special Wellendorff-cold enamel: Discover the fine technical details and secrets of the Wellendorff jewelry manufactory.

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The Wellendorff manufactory

For more than 127 years, the Wellendorff family business has been creating exceptional precious jewellery from 18-karat gold in the Golden City of Pforzheim. The jewelry manufactory is characterized by its unparalleled pursuit of quality and excellence.

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