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How beautiful. How delicate. The first Wellendorff spinning solitaire ring.

A patented feat of incredible craftsmanship.

The spinning solitaire ring from Wellendorff is as unique as the wearer and can be worn every day.

Everyone said: “A spinning solitaire ring? It's impossible”. With 127 years of experience, our master goldsmiths have now succeeded, creating the first spinning solitaire ring from Wellendorff with a heartfelt message: THANK YOU FOR... our love and for our time together.

On 5/12/2019, we obtained the patent for the rotating mechanism used in Wellendorff’s first spinning solitaire ring.

Saying THANK YOU makes people happy.

Imagine a ring that says thank you...

We believe that jewellery can speak. Jewellery can say, “I love you” or “Thank you”. We also believe that saying thank you makes people happy. To convey an extra-special THANK YOU to yourself or to the most important person in your life: we have developed the patented, spinning solitaire ring, “THANK YOU FOR”.

To whom would you like to say thank you?

Experience the unique spinning of the solitaire ring in the video.

For more than 127 years, the Wellendorff family business has been creating exceptional precious jewellery from 18-karat gold in the Golden City of Pforzheim. Love has always been the inspiration for each of its creations since the family-run business was founded in 1893.
From the very beginning, we have always known your desire for a Wellendorff solitaire ring – and the longing for it grew. We felt the same.

But for our jewellery manufactory in Pforzheim, it initially seemed impossible. Because a Wellendorff solitaire ring has to be as exceptional as all our other rings; one that unites vibrantly changing colours made from cold enamel with a diamond setting of the highest quality and spins smoothly around the inner ring. Like all our other Wellendorff rings, the solitaire ring should be suited to everyday wear, bringing a lifetime of joy to the wearer.

But how can a ring spin, without the solitaire spinning with it?

From Love. The Best.

Where others might have given up; our unwavering ambition sought to make the impossible possible. Alongside our master goldsmiths, we invested our heart and soul, passion and precision for sixteen years into the development of this very special piece of jewellery. We only stopped once the ring was perfect: the first spinning solitaire ring from Wellendorff.

On this page, enjoy exclusive first impressions of this innovation.

At first, it seemed impossible to combine something that should not spin – the flawless solitaire – with something that should – the spinning Wellendorff ring. By harnessing the wisdom of 127 years of goldsmithing experience, this apparent paradox was overcome, creating the refined spinning solitaire ring. The solitaire and block ring are positioned as close as possible and yet spin gently and smoothly. The degree of precision achieved is nothing short of a minor technical revolution – a feat of incredible craftsmanship.

The THANK YOU FOR. solitaire rings.

THANK YOU FOR... your heartfelt words. Thank you for always being there for me. And thank you to the life that brings me countless happy moments every day. There are so many things to say “thank you” for. That is why we have dedicated the THANK YOU FOR spinning solitaire ring to those three little words. Incredibly slender and spinning smoothly, this ring is a supreme expression of the goldsmith’s art.

The THANK YOU FOR solitaire ring is available in three different designs. Two modern versions in 18-karat white gold combine diamonds and coloured enamel, in shimmering crystal black or luminescent hues from aquamarine to blue-green. A third design in yellow gold is fully set with diamonds, while the brilliant red heart creates a uniquely glamorous highlight.

Thank You For. Diamond

A new creation in 18-karat gold: the flawless spinning solitaire ring, THANK YOU FOR. DIAMOND.

The spinning Wellendorff solitaire ring, the world’s most vibrant ring.

Thank You For. Aqua

A new creation in 18-karat gold: the flawless spinning solitaire ring, THANK YOU FOR. AQUA.

The spinning Wellendorff solitaire ring, the world’s most vibrant ring.

Thank You For. Onyx

A new creation in 18-karat gold: the flawless spinning solitaire ring, THANK YOU FOR. ONYX.

The spinning Wellendorff solitaire ring, the world’s most vibrant ring.

The Guardian Angel Engraving

The message and appearance of a small, engraved guardian angel inside the ring recall the deeper meaning behind jewellery: giving joy and protecting. In good times and in bad, it makes us feel protected and assures us that we are never alone.

Pricing and availability

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127 Years. From Love. The Best.

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