A message of tenderness for Easter.


Easter is a chance to make a fresh start. The limited-edition LISTEN TO YOUR HEART ring with its sparkling pavé heart invites us to have the courage to follow our hearts.

Inspired by the wise words of the Little Prince, “One can only see clearly with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye”, the diamond-set Wellendorff heart is a stylish, sparkling detail.

Embedded in 18-karat gold and the focal point of the reinterpreted Wellendorff vine motif, the shining heart is flanked by different shades of blue Wellendorff cold enamel.

It awakens a feeling that resides in every heart. A feeling that is awoken when you follow your intuition. A feeling awoken by the LISTEN TO YOUR HEART ring as its diamonds sparkle and its colours change and reflect with each movement of the engraved central ring.

Limited to just 126 special women around the world and signed with the exclusive trademark of the family business, the Diamond W; the symbol of German-made goldsmithing par excellence.

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In 2019, we celebrate a very special anniversary with our new collection, marking the tenth anniversary of the Brilliance of the Sun rope. This important anniversary is reflected in our new collection and adds sparkle to it.

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