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For just 222 women worldwide.

THE 2022 ring of the year, LOVE. LIVE. LAUGH.

Be colourful... and bold. Be yourself… and live your life. Make your life a special occasion to be celebrated anew each day! This is the message conveyed by the new 2022 Ring of the Year, LOVE. LIVE. LAUGH. from our jewellery manufactory. Warm 18-karat yellow gold meets an unprecedented engraving design that gives the spinning ring a uniquely striking appeal. Floral patterns in ten bright, cold enamel colours represent the many facets of life. LOVE. LIVE. LAUGH. Here and now ‒ today and forever.

For just 222 women worldwide.

Joyfully playful, yet confident and bold; the 18-karat yellow-gold ring features a very special engraving design of delicate organic shapes.
Several layers of Wellendorff cold enamel are applied by hand to the 196 individual planes ‒ the smallest of which is less than 1 mm².
This requires a high level of precision and a great deal of enamelling experience. The highly polished base layer allows the ten bright and cheerful colours to radiate intensely in shades of raspberry, azure, sun-yellow and kiwi-green, reminding the wearer of the many colourful adventures that life has in store. LOVE. LIVE. LAUGH. Both its meaning and its design make a vibrant statement.

Six sparkling, hand-set diamonds, each representing a dazzling moment of happiness, are brought to life with every spin. The LOVE. LIVE. LAUGH. ring creates an exciting contrast with the colourful cold enamel planes. The highest quality German-made goldsmithing and precision to the nearest hundredth of a millimetre are responsible for the special feeling of the piece against the skin and the gentle spinning of the LOVE. LIVE. LAUGH. ring. It fully reflects the Wellendorff jewellery manufactory’s motto: From Love. The Best.

The limited edition corresponds to the number of the calendar year, and each individual Wellendorff Ring of the Year is engraved inside with its own number and limit marking as a symbol of its uniqueness. For the wearer, the Ring of the Year therefore encapsulates a high point in her life, preserved forever in gold. Limited to just 222 confident women around the world and signed with the exclusive trademark of the family business, the Diamond W – the symbol of German-made goldsmithing par excellence.

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Each year has its outstanding events and successes.
Every year, Wellendorff presents a limited-edition Ring of the Year, a desirable collector’s item, with its own unique theme. The Rings of the Year are numbered according to the year they are made – only a few women worldwide will be able to call this ring their own.

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