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A Jewellery icon turns 40 – the feel of silk in gold

The Wellendorff rope necklace.

Gently shimmering and as soft as silk on the skin: The Wellendorff rope has been a tribute to elegance for 40 years, for true luxury is subtle and more felt than seen.

The feel

Jewellery that you can recognise with your eyes closed – The Wellendorff rope is the brand’s most famous item of jewellery, with its intriguing juxtaposition of dualities. Its hard metal has become as soft as silk. Eva Wellendorff describes the feel of wearing it “like an intimate hug”. Typically, there are two dimensions in jewellery: design and value. The Wellendorff jewellery manufactory has succeeded in introducing a third dimension – feel. The rope feels smoother and softer on the skin than other jewellery. This makes it instantly recognisable, and a classic item that can be worn every day.

The idea

Hanspeter Wellendorff is responsible for the creation of this silky-soft rope. As a child, his wife Eva was fascinated by the silken tie-backs on her grandmother’s curtains: she loved the feel of them sliding through her fingers. Later, she asked her husband to make her a necklace that felt just as soft. In 1977, after two years of research, the very first Wellendorff rope came into being and has been delighting the hearts of women for 40 years.

Wrapping the gold wire

Weaving the necklace


Mythical rope

The secret of this timeless classic and its impressive, understated design is masterful craftsmanship: A goldsmith needs countless hours to create tiny spirals from delicate 18-karat gold wire by hand, then carefully weave them together. An 18-karat gold ‘soul’ is at the core of each strand of Wellendorff rope, and is responsible for its stability and for its unmistakable flexibility. For a medium-sized necklace, over 500 feet of wire pass through the hands of the goldsmith. The result is silky-soft gold that gently shimmers and now exists in many stunning variations.

Wide range of variations: Four generations of a classic piece

In the anniversary year of 2017, we are to present a new fourth generation of our iconic piece: The necklace Pure Delight is the latest interpretation of the Wellendorff rope – with an even more pure and well-defined design. Precise craftsmanship with the utmost level of sensitivity and finesse were required to create the perfect combination of comfort, flexibility and softness for this classic piece. The result can be seen and felt: With its new facetted strands made from 18-karat gold, this necklace adds a totally new formal language to the collection, while making sure that the Wellendorff DNA is still immediately recognisable. The design has a very modern simplicity and playful lightness, resulting in a timeless piece of jewellery which can be worn every day.

What rope type are you?

Princess, Brilliance of the Sun, Silken Delight or Pure Delight:
Find out what rope type you are!

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