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Diamond Game.
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Diamond Game necklace.

Exquisite and delicate: the diamonds beam across the matte shine of the ropes.

Pure Elegance

The Diamond Game necklace from made 18-karat yellow gold brings a Wellendorff classic to life. The individually set diamonds are of the highest quality and appear to be strewn randomly and playfully, giving grandeur to this delicate Wellendorff rope. The sparkling stones have been perfectly and skilfully placed across five strands so that they are always oriented to create an overall sparkling image. The coloured heart made from 18-karat gold and Wellendorff-cold enamel at the end of the extension chain is a playful addition and can be worn all day long.

Perfection right down to the most minute detail

18-karat yellow gold (also available in white gold)
Several diamonds
Special features:
Gold as delicate as silk
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