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Declaration of love.
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Necklace Declaration of Love.

As unique as love: The diamond, as king of the precious stones, stands for eternity and is the greatest symbol of love in jewellery.

Eternity encapsulated in gold

Vivacious, gently sparkling and silky soft – this is how the necklace Declaration of Love appears, like a dream of thrilling shimmer, delicate sensitivity and at the same time a tasteful expression of a declaration of true love. Three sparkling Brilliance of the Sun strands of this seductive necklace closely nestle the shape of the wearer’s neck in a gentle, yet refined manner. A flawless 0.9-karat diamond in the centre of the necklace catches the gaze of the beholder. The special setting maximises the way the light falls on the diamond, making it beam even more intensely. As a fine detail, the extension chain closes with a diamond cube, so that the size of the necklace can vary, offering – depending on the wearer’s neckline – a range of ways of wearing this item, as well as room for a personal engraving.

Perfection right down to the most minute detail

18-karat yellow gold (also available in white gold)
Several diamonds
Special features:
Gold as delicate as silk
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