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The Wellendorff Necklace of the Year 2019 JOY OF LIFE.
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A café au lait on the Champs-Élysées, a Sundowner in a Manhattan rooftop bar, an excellent glass of rosé on the Côte d'Azur – moments when life is simply wonderful. These are memories to set the heart racing. Feelings of excitement, brought to life exclusively for 42 women across the world this year by the JOY OF LIFE necklace from the Wellendorff Jewellery Manufactory.

The limited-edition Necklace of the Year 2019.

The Wellendorff Necklace of the Year 2019 draws playful attention to its wearer. A timeless, classic Brilliance of the Sun necklace meets romantic golden vines and exceptional, specially-cut diamonds. Set in modern rondels with the beguiling colour of cold enamel and worn at its full 85 cm length or doubled and short, encircling the neck – the Wellendorff 18-karat gold Brilliance of the Sun rope is perfect for any occasion. The love is in the detail: A unique, sophisticated design paired with reserved elegance ensures this extraordinary Necklace of the Year can be worn every day.

Elegant worry stones

The Wellendorff rondels

The Brilliance of the Sun rope is embellished with four tactile rondels. Three of these, in white gold, are exquisitely set with baguette-cut diamonds and additional diamond-pavé detail. These two special cutting techniques are combined breathtakingly in the rondel, bestowing an infinite, vibrant sparkle to the wearer’s neck. The fourth rondel accentuates this perfection. Transparent Wellendorff cold enamel in vibrant hibiscus red and engraved with romantic golden vines creates a lively playfulness. Each of these rondels recalls a truly personal moment of happiness in the wearer’s life and represents the unbounded passion for that life to which the necklace owes its name. Each rondel rotates.

No compromises: The highest quality

The rondel setting

The diamond rondels are hand-set in the Wellendorff Manufactory using two different techniques: diamond-pavé and baguette-setting. The baguette diamonds in each rondel are symmetrically set with the greatest precision and perfection. Two-prong settings are standard for all Wellendorff diamond jewellery. This allows the wearer to enjoy the rondels’ absolute beauty and exceptional nature.

Irresistible sparkle

Baguette diamonds

The challenging technique of the baguette cut means it is held in the highest esteem throughout the world. When setting baguette diamonds side by side, it is particularly important to ensure that each diamond is set in exactly the same way as the one next to it. Only a correctly positioned diamond will ensure that the light is optimally reflected and create an irresistible sparkle on the wearer’s neck.

Maximum security and simple to use

The magical Wellendorff clasp

The aspiration: A necklace clasp that is simple to use and offers maximum security. The result: A new dimension in 18-karat gold clasps. Light - secure - sheer luxury.

It is visually appealing and does not have the appearance of a technical clasp. It is a decorative element with unmistakable Wellendorff features, such as the finest engravings combined with more vibrant enamel colours, movement and the special feel against the skin. The jewellery clasp opens and closes simply and intuitively, with a pull and rotate movement. A special feature prevents the clasp from being tugged apart. It can be opened only by pulling and turning at the same time.

The most valuable trademark

The Diamond W

In keeping with all Wellendorff necklaces, the Necklace of the Year 2019 bears the precious Wellendorff W. Combined with a vibrant red Wellendorff cold enamel heart, the world's most valuable trademark perfectly encapsulates the family-owned company’s guiding principle:

For 42 special women around the world

Emulating the annual limited-edition Ring of the Year, Wellendorff issues a limited number of its Necklace of the Year each year to the world's finest jewellery connoisseurs. To mark the 42nd anniversary of the famous Silken Rope, the Wellendorff Necklace of the Year JOY OF LIFE will effortlessly accompany 42 women at each of their favourite places this year.

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New pieces for 2019

In 2019, we celebrate a very special anniversary with our new collection, marking the tenth anniversary of the Brilliance of the Sun rope generation. This important anniversary is reflected in our new collection and adds sparkle to it.

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