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A Day by the Sea collection

Where was the best day you ever spent by the sea?

Nostalgia, freedom and expanse – in your special place for relaxation, reflection and the simple enjoyment of life. Remember unforgettable sunsets and dream of sun and sand.

Picture it - Your Day by the Sea

All of these moods and feelings can be expressed in colours: in the deep blue of the open sea, in the golden flashes of light on the lively water, in the changing red and orange hues of the setting sun.

Inspired by such happy times and dreamy thoughts of a day by the sea, our master goldsmiths have created a collection for you that will record these unforgettable moments for a lifetime.

Rotates gently and effortlessly

Every Wellendorff ring consists of at least four individual rings that are closely connected, while remaining free to move. If you believe at all in fairy tales, then the wearer is granted a wish after rotating the ring three times.

Magic Waves ring

Turquoise seawater shines in magical shades of aquamarine and deep azure. Delicate colours give a glimpse of the depths of the sea.

Reflections on the Water ring

The octagon: It symbolises perfection and is emblematic of a wonderful day at the seaside. A completely new formal language is expressed with modern clarity and rectilinear character. Five shades of blue embellish the three spinning rings, which can each be rotated individually. Just like the playful movement of water, the appearance of the rings alters with every turn.

Shimmering Waves ring

Cool azure refreshes your daily routine like a sea breeze. Casually and stylishly clear, strong shades of gleaming blue accentuate the dynamic wave motion of the ring. It's your timeless companion for every day.

Oneiric Waves ring

The maritime effect of the Oneiric Waves ring is revealed in the contrast between the dynamic waves in powerful deep blue tones and the glittering diamonds. Blown by the wind and sparkling in the sun, white crests dance on the wave-tops in the form of two rows of beautifully set diamonds. Their oblique setting enhances the brilliance of the diamonds, which reflect the light marvellously with every movement.

Reflections of the Sun

Reflections of the Sun bathes the sea all day long in its intense, warm colours: lively hues of orange awaken the day,and turn gradually into harmonious shades of pink and violet at sunset, bringing the day to a close.

Reflections of the Sun ring.

The warm orange tones of the ring are reminiscent of the sunrise, while the sunset is portrayed in red and pink hues. The silhouette of the 18-karat gold Reflections of the Sun ring is also fascinating: its clear, linear design brings new vocabulary into the Wellendorff "A Day by the Sea" collection. This piece of jewellery attracts attention with its octagonal exterior ring that is integrated into the round setting, and captivates the beholder with the playful rotation that is featured in all the Wellendorff rings.

Golden Treasure amulet.

A closely guarded secret: the real “golden treasure” of this amulet is kept inside it. Times of sharing, moving moments or unforgettable events are captured and preserved forever in gold. Only the wearer knows of the personal message engraved inside her amulet. Two golden shells close around the closely guarded secret to keep it safe. A noble transparent cut topaz lends the amulet its secret depth. In the centre of its refined setting, a crystal-clear diamond seems almost to float. To complete this effect of depth, a Wellendorff rope is engraved into the topaz – a real “golden treasure.”

Oneiric Waves rondel.

Waves play in clear and vibrant colours on the surface of the rondel in two dark shades of blue. The gentle swell of diamonds enhances the wave effect.

Magic Coral rondel.

The Magic Coral rondel, made from 18-karat yellow gold and signed with the unmistakable Diamond W, combines warm orange and red tones on gently rolling waves of gold and Wellendorff-cold enamel.

Magic Waves earrings

Clear and translucent waves play harmoniously on the surface of the earrings, in which turquoise and azure tones of blue flow into each other.

Your Day by the Sea

From sunrise to sunset, a Wellendorff gem is your perfect companion – a reminder of wonderful moments, unique events and your special day. 

Which piece of jewellery will take you back there?

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