130 years of Wellendorff also means 130 years of goldsmithing artistry, which is expressed through two exclusive anniversary collections. Both sets are unique in themselves and yet, they have one thing in common: they combine the highest quality goldsmithing with innovation, unique design and genuine emotions – everything that has made Wellendorff special for the past 130 years.

The GENUINE LOVE anniversary set created with 18-karat gold and diamonds reinterprets the classics and celebrates the one genuine love that you only meet once in a lifetime..

Rings that make happy moments sparkle

Small and big moments of happiness set in 18-karat gold. The GENUINE LOVE ring enchants the beholder with an inimitable sparkle: diamonds in ten different sizes transform the ring into a glittering “field of snow”.
The GENUINE LOVE ring is perfectly complemented by the timelessly elegant GENUINE LOVE Fine ring, whose clear design exudes pure modernity – an ideal stacking ring.

A set full of GENUINE LOVE

What precious materials could be used to express true love better than classic 18-karat yellow gold and sparkling diamonds? In the GENUINE LOVE necklace, which gently encircles the wearer’s neck, 135 diamonds set in a symbiosis of silky-matte Wellendorff rope and shiny “magic” gold cubes create a special radiance.
In the EMBRACE ME Genuine Love bracelet, a Wellendorff rope is made flexible and connected with a diamond strand for the first time, thereby uniting two iconic elements in one bracelet in a special 18-karat embrace.

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