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From Love. The Best.

Even now, some 126 years after Wellendorff was founded, our standards of top quality, exceptional design and the silky-soft feel against skin remain the same. We have invested passion,  precision, heart and soul into the development and production of our jewellery. But it is love that sets it apart, allowing our pieces to tell their own stories.

In 2019, we celebrate a very special anniversary with our new collection, marking the tenth anniversary of the Brilliance of the Sun rope. This important anniversary is reflected in our new collection and adds sparkle to it.

Yours sincerely,


Love is the driving force behind everything created in the Wellendorff jewellery manufactory in the golden city of Pforzheim. It is what creates our special moments and it is those special moments that inspire exceptional jewellery creations, such as the Brilliance of the Sun rope generation.

The You Are Perfect amulet.

Out of love for his wife, Christoph Wellendorff wanted to give her something really special for their wedding anniversary, to show her that 'She is perfect to me.' The result was a floating diamond, set in such a way that nothing detracts from its beauty and purity.

The My Time Varieté necklace.

Each stage of life has its own highlights. The MY TIME VARIETÉ necklace is a daily reminder to treat yourself and to take time to do the things that you really love.

The Brilliance of the Sun Magic necklace.

For the first time, the Brilliance of the Sun can be worn as a single strand or in contrasting combination. With eye-catching effect, it makes a vibrant statement; drawing magical attention... yet holds a sophisticated secret...

The Life’s Delight necklace.

A smile that plays on the lips. A radiance that goes far beyond the eyes. A necklace that brings gold to life with sparkling reflections of light. Wellendorff’s LIFE’S DELIGHT necklace is pure joie de vivre – in every moment.

The Brilliance of the Sun Temptation necklace.

When your heart skips a beat. When your eyes meet with a tingle of joyful anticipation in a moment of magic. BRILLIANCE OF THE SUN TEMPTATION perfectly masters the art of seduction.

Love’s Duet Varieté necklace.

Two contrasting rope designs combine to create an impressive and harmonious duo. Gentle sparkle meets silky soft gold, smoothness meets something striking, and simplicity meets exquisite elegance. Brilliance of the Sun and Pure Delight unite to form the new LOVE'S DUET VARIETÉ necklace.

The world's "most vibrant" ring

The world’s “most vibrant ring” – 10 experts, 20 hands, 126 years of experience from one family of goldsmiths. The interplay between the supreme expression of the goldsmith’s art, our unending love for our work and our jewellery is what sets it apart. A great deal of time and effort go into producing each Wellendorff ring. Time you can feel. Time that makes the world’s “most vibrant" ring perfect for you. From LOVE comes the BEST.

Love’s Duet ring.

Nothing is stronger than love. Nothing connects people more deeply. People who are free and yet want to remain together, their hearts united, forever. This profound bond is symbolised by the LOVE’S DUET diamond ring.

The Listen to Your Heart ring.

There are certain times when the “here and now” is all that matters. The limited-edition LISTEN TO YOUR HEART ring with its sparkling pavé heart invites us to have the courage to follow our hearts.

Limited for 126 hearts around the world.

The Euphoric Heart ring.

Butterflies in your stomach and the feeling that something wonderful is about to happen....pure moments of delight for the heart. Is there anything better than euphoric anticipation? With its unique combination of styles, colours, diamonds and rope details, Wellendorff’s limited-edition EUPHORIC HEART ring awakens that intense feeling.

Limited for 126 hearts around the world.

The Mystic Heart ring.

18-karat white gold meets deep black shimmering Wellendorff cold enamel. Brilliant diamonds lend the ring a breathtaking sparkle, and engraved squares create a mosaic effect that changes with every turn.

Limited to 126 special women around the world.

The Diamond Julie ring.

As soft as the first touch or the first ventured kiss. As tender as the start of a wonderful love story. At just 4 mm wide, the DIAMOND JULIE ring is Wellendorff’s finest spinning ring.

The Declaration of Love Ring.

Much more than a ring, it is one of the world’s most beautiful declarations of love. For you, the finest diamonds – for me, moments of happiness. The moments of happiness we have experienced and the precious times that still await. For you, it is the highest form of the goldsmith’s artistry – for me, it is the most beautiful declaration of love that exists.

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