"Take only the best of everything: the best gold and diamonds, the best goldsmiths, and the best tools and you will create the finest jewellery for the most distinguished aficionados in the world

Ernst Alexander Wellendorff, 1893

This quote is as valid today as it was 125 years ago. We believe that the philosophy of Genuine Values will continue to inspire us over the next 125 years.

Become a part of the great Wellendorff family – join us in celebrating this landmark occasion with the extraordinary limited-edition anniversary collection. Through your most intimate love stories, you show us, time and time again, how important it is for you that something be created and chosen with love. Your stories have touched our souls, and motivated and inspired us to create a most enchanting selection of pieces: From Love. The Best. The most iconic symbol of love is the element that ties the anniversary collection together. Discover the heart in your favourite piece of jewellery.


The Necklace of the Year 2018.

How to show: "You are simply THE BEST"?
141 unique diamonds, 109 metres of the finest gold wire, 23 hours of work by the skilled hand of the master diamond setter, 9 months of passionate commitment, 125 years of experience and family tradition as goldsmiths in Germany. The limited-edition Necklace of the Year 2018 celebrating the 125th anniversary of Wellendorff.

The Necklace of the Year 2018 NOW.

For over 20 years, Wellendorff enthusiasts all around the world have been collecting the limited-edition Ring of the Year. In 2017, we created a new tradition: a limited edition Wellendorff Necklace of the Year with special meaning. The Necklace of the Year 2018 NOW tells the story of: "Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow. The past is history, the future is a secret, and every moment is a gift. Now. The best time to enjoy life and love."

The world's "softest necklace".

The Wellendorff rope

An icon for four generations: Which Wellendorff rope would you choose? The classic Wellendorff rope, the shiny BRILLIANCE OF THE SUN, the soft and supple SILKEN DELIGHT, or the simply elegant PURE DELIGHT? It doesn’t matter which you decide on, for if you are wearing a Wellendorff rope, you are wearing the world’s softest necklace.


Four generations

The world's "softest necklace".
Necklace Princess.

An icon made from 18-karat gold, the classic Wellendorff rope. For over 40 years, its appearance has hardly changed, but it has kept pace with technological advances, and has been continually improved over the years. Silky soft and shimmering, each piece of jewellery is still lovingly made by hand. 125 years of experience are necessary for gold to nestle like silk against the wearer’s skin. The Wellendorff rope, the world’s softest necklace.

The world's "softest necklace".
Necklace Morning Dew.

Sparkling diamonds, like dewdrops on a cascading vine – the necklace MORNING DEW. A new day begins, and with it awakens a plenitude of possibilities. Everything flows. Everything is in motion. Pure and unmistakable, the necklace MORNING DEW lies gently around the neck and delicately follows your every movement. In its simplicity lies the highest level of design.

Only available during the anniversary year.

The world's "softest necklace".
Necklace Pure Magic.

From Love. The Best. For goldsmiths who love attention to detail, this means constantly improving each piece of Wellendorff jewellery – your wishes are what motivate us: Jewellery with modern lightness that is easy to handle and is extremely secure. These features are combined in our newest innovation: the first Wellendorff clasp that securely closes by itself, like magic – and can only be opened with a specific rotating movement. Experience pure magic.

Only available during the anniversary year.

The world's "softest necklace".
Necklace My Time.

Each phase of life has its own highlights: time with friends, time as a couple, time with family or time for yourself. Necklace MY TIME: The diamond heart, a symbol of love, is meant to remind us every day to treat ourselves and to take time to do things that we really love. Freedom and independence demand pure jewellery, an uncomplicated daily companion. You decide when you want to wear it short, and when you want to wear it long – a necklace that changes to suit your daily life. Start a new season: this is your time.

Only available during the anniversary year.

The world's "softest necklace".

If two different, yet strong characteristics meet, something wonderfully new and unique emerges. A gentle sparkle meets silky soft gold, smoothness meets something striking, and simplicity meets noble elegance. The PURE DELIGHT and BRILLIANCE OF THE SUN generations unite to form the new necklace CROSSOVER – the best of both worlds. This necklace embodies the ideas of a new feeling for life: "not either or; but both". It can be noble yet relaxed, fun and sporty yet elegant.

The anniversary Amulet Small Golden Treasure.

Your favourite piece for everyday wear – the anniversary amulet SMALL GOLDEN TREASURE. An individually cut, transparent noble topaz lends the amulet its secret depth. In the middle, a fl awless diamond sparkles in its purest form, and thanks to the invisible setting, it almost appears to float. With each movement, the amulet swings open playfully, revealing a surprising design detail when the inside displays a vibrant flash of ruby red. A golden heart is secretly concealed inside, with space for a personal dedication. A limited-edition in the anniversary year – yours to treasure for eternity.

Only available during the anniversary year.


The Wellendorff ring

Wellendorff rings are lively, mobile and brimming with variations, like life itself. They spin as smoothly as silk and remind the wearer of a special moment with every rotation. Every piece of Wellendorff jewellery is made individually for its wearer in the Wellendorff manufactory – 100% made in Germany. The spinning rings are being continually developed, with the goal to keep on improving, and to produce even finer jewellery with each passing year.

Discover: the world’s "most perfect ring".


Four ring types

The Wellendorff spinning ring – the four design worlds of an icon each embody a different personality and viewpoint on life.
What type of ring are you? Do you love classic, pure gold and diamonds or fine, romantic vines and brightly-coloured blossoms?
Do you prefer to wear dynamic, bright wave motifs or graphic, modern shapes?
Discover the design that speaks to you, with the world’s "most perfect ring".

The anniversary Ring My Heart.

Created from love, chosen with love. For you, we have combined the best of everything in a ring: The Wellendorff ring MY HEART is the world’s finest spinning ring and is only available in 2018. The red Wellendorff-cold enamel heart serves as a symbol of love for the 125th anniversary of Wellendorff and makes the ring wonderfully distinctive.

The finest spinning ring in the world, developed for the 125th anniversary.

Only available during the anniversary year.

The limited ring Diamond Heart.

The romantic vine motif, beloved by our customers for many years, was the inspiration for this rather special ring. The Wellendorff DIAMOND HEART spinning ring is a limited edition – available for only 125 women worldwide. Its diamond heart serves as a symbol of love for the 125th anniversary of Wellendorff. The new ring width allows the three levels of engraving to gleam perfectly in the light and the translucent, newly-created Wellendorff-cold enamel tones glow from the depths of the ring.

For only 125 women worldwide.

The limited ring Heartbeat.

When did you last feel your heart beating for joy? The Wellendorff spinning ring HEARTBEAT will keep this moment for ever. The history of the ring is concealed within its depths: thanks to a unique engraving technique, a beating heart is revealed with each turn. The limited Wellendorff ring HEARTBEAT will bring joy to the hearts of 125 women.

For only 125 women worldwide.

The limited ring Secret Heart.

The secret heart – a symbol of great love. Beautifully formed, timeless and perfectly sleek. 125 jewellery lovers who like modern, clean lines will love their limited-edition Wellendorff ring SECRET HEART. Three inner rings that rotate independently of each other change the appearance of the ring with every turn. The new "crystal black" colour meets crisp, noble white gold – opposites that, through their interplay, guarantee an elegant, stylish appearance.

For only 125 women worldwide.

The secrets of Wellendorff are best discovered with a magnifying glass.

Made in Germany. Each Wellendorff ring spins with precision and as gently as silk.

The finest spinning ring in the world, developed for the 125th anniversary.


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