Live your Love.

Gold and diamonds are indestructible. Created to keep a memory and your story alive for ever.

We have created the pieces of jewellery for you and your special moments of delight. We hope that you will thoroughly enjoy choosing your favourite creation, preserving your memories for a lifetime.

Yours sincerely,

Delight is love.

"Every time I spin my ring, I remember my moment of delight and I feel what made me happy."

Live your love.

Ring Sunset.

Three facets: delight, protection, and love. Each of these is represented by one of the three individual spinning rings. Just as life is in perpetual motion, so the ring’s intensity and play of colours change with each spin, always creating something stunning and new.

Ring Fire's Sheen.

Waves in clear, strong tones of red dance about on the surface of the ring. Two distinct levels of engraving are filled in with waves of translucent cold enamel, giving the ring visual depth and movement. The joyfully coloured ring can be gently and playfully spun and will remind the wearer of special moments each day.


Eight is the symbol of delight, harmony and perfection. The eight facets of the new generation of Wellendorff rings reflect this perfectly. They can be spun infinitely and their pure design focuses your thoughts on what is essential: your personal moments of delight.

Ring Diamond Game.

Wellendorff celebrates the seductive side of life: The beguiling ring Diamond Game made from 18-Karat yellow gold is set with diamonds throughout. Packed tightly together, the pavé diamonds glow like fire on the hand and will continue to sparkle – day after day, for an entire lifetime.

Ring Red Canyon.

The surfaces of the spinning ring shimmer in two different hues of red, and the effect of the colour is further enhanced by the octagonal shape of the ring. Small squares engraved in gold create a mosaic effect, underscoring the vivacious impression of this piece. An additional ring of hand-set diamonds completes this characterful ring and will enchant the beholder with its sparkle.

Ring Truffle Game.

Feminine, light and compatible with any look, this spinning ring made from 18-karat yellow gold beams and looks discreet on the wearer’s hand. Signed with the unmistakable Diamond W, this classic piece looks sleek yet elegant thanks to its gently shimmering cream-coloured cold enamel.

Ring Ice Blue.

Clear sea waves of gentle ice blue play around the surface of the spinning ring that is bedecked with a fine layer of star dust made from finely glittering pigments. Two distinct levels of engraving are filled in with waves of translucent cold enamel, giving the ring visual depth and movement. The intensity of the colour is enhanced by the white gold and a row of diamonds that catch the light with every movement.

Ring Blue Lagoon.

The surfaces of this spinning ring shimmer in five different tones of blue − a charming reminiscence of the many-faceted nuances of the water. The effect of colour is further emphasized through the angled octagonal rings, which accentuate the impression of vitality of this piece of jewellery. Small squares engraved in the individual rings create a mosaic effect and remind us of the refraction of light on water. An additional spinning ring of diamonds completes this characterful ring and will enchant the beholder with its endless sparkle.

Ring 8-752.

The spinning 8-752 ring symbolises energetic force and exclusivity of the utmost craftsmanship. The new ring from the Wellendorff Men's World Collection develops its exclusive presence through setting the scene with dark blue, shimmering cold enamel and cold 18-karat white gold. It’s not possible for there to be more gold – the designation “752” stands for the over-alloying of the gold, which is how the jewellery manufactory guarantees that all pieces contain at least 750 parts of fine gold, and can therefore be referred to as 18 karat.

Ring Reflections on the Water.

The octagon: A completely new formal language is expressed with modern clarity and rectilinear character. Five shades of blue embellish the three inner rings, which can each be rotated individually. Just like the playful movement of water, the appearance of the rings alters with every spin.

Rondels Reflections on the Water.

Each stage of life has its own highlights. Choose the piece of jewellery that tells your story.

The Wellendorff rope.

For 40 years, gold has felt like silk – reason enough to create a fourth generation of Wellendorff rope, thereby reinventing the iconic piece.

Necklace Pure Delight.

Pure delight means enjoyment, spontaneity, simplicity and being carefree. This necklace sits effortlessly on the neck and adorns the whole day with casual elegance. Spoil yourself and experience delight when it comes. Today and every day.

Bracelet Pure Delight.

A new generation of bracelet clasp – reliable, independent and simple to open – created for the woman who makes her own decisions. This free and independent stage of life demands pure jewellery, an uncomplicated daily companion. The bracelet comprises five gold strands in a linear silky-soft shimmer, thanks to its facets. Understated yet striking, this bracelet lies perfectly around the wearer’s wrist in a casual chic that will enhance any look. The distinction of the piece is further enhanced by the clasp, fully fashioned in 18-karat gold. Easy to wear and meticulously tested, it is not only functional and reliable, but is also a supreme expression of the goldsmith’s art.

Necklace Pure Temptation.

The new necklace, Pure Temptation, comprises a single gold strand that encircles the neck, falling into a seductive linear Y-shape in the wearer’s neckline. Featuring a diamond-set rondel, the necklace can be adjusted, making it incredibly versatile. Like all Wellendorff jewellery, this new generation of rope is crowned with a Diamond-W that stands for perfection, precision and a passion for detail.

Live your Love.

Close your eyes. Which piece of jewellery are you wearing? Your Wellendorff experts will help you to discover what your dream creation feels like on your skin.

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