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Flexible gold
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How easy would it be if you could put on a Wellendorff bracelet without having to open and close it? A bracelet that embraces ... that sits flexibly and almost magically around your wrist? But for that you would need “flexible gold”. Everyone said that flexible gold was just not possible; that nothing less than a technical miracle could push the physical limits of 18-karat gold’s elastic deformability. 

Now, for the very first time, we have accomplished something never before achieved. The redesigned inner gold core makes all the difference. Flexible gold, twice as supple as standard gold.

The new Wellendorff EMBRACE ME bracelet. Discover the secrets of this world first – here and now!

A technical revolution in jewellery making

The unique challenge for the Wellendorff goldsmiths was to design the EMBRACE ME bracelet to ensure that it always returns smoothly and remains true to its original shape after being put on and taken off. The experts said that flexible gold was just not possible because nothing less than a technical miracle could push the physical limits of 18-karat gold’s elastic deformability. But when Wellendorff’s jewellery specialists are enthused by an idea, they do not let doubters get in their way. Despite many setbacks, the team worked with overwhelming motivation and passion to make the seemingly impossible, possible. They redesigned the gold rope’s interior, also known by goldsmiths as the core, to give it long-lasting flexibility and resilience. Unexpectedly simple, surprising straightforward, the new EMBRACE ME bracelet gently encircles the wearer’s wrist – because a bracelet should feel like an embrace.

Watch the video to discover this innovation in jewellery making:

The new bracelet that embraces: a technical miracle

In an embrace, you feel secure, protected and deeply loved. This feeling is captured by the 18-karat gold EMBRACE ME bracelets. Sitting quite effortlessly around the wrist without the need for a clasp, both the design of this new style of bracelet and the way it is worn are surprisingly simple.

After 17 years of development, Wellendorff has crafted a minor technical miracle with the new EMBRACE ME bracelets.

With its “flexible gold”, Wellendorff creates a third jewellery icon joining the world’s “softest necklace” and “most vibrant ring”.

Silky soft Brilliance of the Sun gold strands

In 2021, the EMBRACE ME bracelets are available in five different designs. Signed with the brilliant W, the exclusive trademark of the family business, EMBRACE ME represents the genuine values of Wellendorff. Continually defining the highest-quality jewellery that lasts a lifetime and brings joy, hand-made in the manufactory in Pforzheim, which feels more intimate and precious to wear than ever before.  

From Love. The Best.

Pricing and availability

Contact your Wellendorff Expert to find out when your favourite piece of jewellery from the new collection will be available in your town!

EMBRACE ME. Diamond Drop bracelet

Each hand movement brings the refined sparkles of the rope and the diamonds to life and sets off a glittering array of fireworks. A pear-cut diamond is the stunning highlight of this EMBRACE ME bracelet. An internally flawless (IF), pear-shaped diamond with a carat weight of 8.06 ct is genuinely rare among diamonds.


EMBRACE ME. For a Lifetime bracelet

The exquisitely cut diamond solitaire is a joy to behold, symbolising more than 125 years of goldsmithing experience and excellence.


EMBRACE ME. Again and Again bracelet

Two sparkling diamonds accentuate the bracelet’s elegance and add the perfect finishing touch to the parallel ropes and diamond strands. The blend of 18-karat yellow and white gold completes the charm of this EMBRACE ME bracelet.


EMBRACE ME. Now bracelet

An 18-karat white gold strand with endless individually hand-set diamonds and two yellow gold Brilliance of the Sun ropes flow smoothly over each other.



EMBRACE ME. Solitaire bracelet

This bracelet combines EMBRACE ME with diamonds. The EMBRACE ME. SOLITAIRE design comprises two 18-karat Wellendorff gold ropes from the Brilliance of the Sun generation, crowned with two flawless diamonds.

EMBRACE ME. Brilliance of the Sun Pavé bracelet

The delicate, 18-karat gold rondel is fully pavé set, creating a sparkling detail on the wearer’s wrist.

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EMBRACE ME. Brilliance of the Sun bracelet

The second design of the EMBRACE ME bracelet has been produced with a new, larger circumference, which does not detract from its refined, elegant effect. Crafted to be more striking, it celebrates a desire for beauty. Each movement of the hand brings the EMBRACE ME. BRILLIANCE OF THE SUN bracelet to life. Delicately sparkling gold ropes from the Brilliance of the Sun generation create enchanting reflections of light.



EMBRACE ME. Brilliance of the Sun small bracelet

The most delicate of all the EMBRACE ME bracelets consists of two silken Brilliance of the Sun gold strands, adorned with refined sparkles. This EMBRACE ME. BRILLIANCE OF THE SUN small design pays homage to the Wellendorff Brilliance of the Sun gold rope generation.

From Love. The Best.

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