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Brilliance of the Sun Duet.
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Brilliance of the Sun Duet.

Sparkling gold threads and overlapping bands capture sunlight with each and every movement. The patented clasp offers security and is especially easy to put on.

Casual yet elegant

Tiny highlights incorporated into the rope reflect the light and infuse the creation with a captivating radiance. The silky-soft yellow gold gently and sensuously wraps itself around the wearer's wrist. For optimal stability and form, the nine Brilliance of the Sun strands have been firmly connected at the clasp – while still allowing movement. The patented clasp made of 18-karat yellow gold is a crafted masterpiece, with its hidden intricate mechanism.

Perfection right down to the most minute detail

18-karat yellow gold (also available in white gold)
Several diamonds
Special features:
Patented clasp
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