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Like Silk on the Skin
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Genuine Comfort

Excellence leads us to focus on the finest quality, most noble materials and the most exacting standards. This is why we have created a third dimension to our jewellery – in addition to the value and design, the special feeling of our items against the skin has made a decisive difference.

Perfection and Precision

With patience and tenacity, we strive for ever greater perfection and precision to offer the best comfort. This also applies to technical details − fasteners are continually improved to ensure that the item can be put on and taken off smoothly.

The Wellendorff Rope

The best example of comfort is the Wellendorff classic: In the legendary Wellendorff Rope, there is gold that is as soft and gentle as silk. For over two years, Hanspeter Wellendorff experimented with his goldsmiths until he was able to produce a silky-soft necklace that fulfilled the wishes of his wife, Eva. In 1977, he managed to create the first Wellendorff Rope, and with that the birth of this unique piece of jewellery, which has since become a classic – woven from the finest 18-karat gold threads, soft and gentle, while being of lasting beauty.

"My grandmother had wonderful curtains with silky-soft ropes.
They fascinated me, even as a child, and for me there was nothing more beautiful than touching them and letting them slip through my fingers.
Later on, I asked my husband to make me a necklace that felt just as smooth and silky. Even though the task of creating something soft from solid gold seemed impossible, he fulfilled my dream after many years of development by offering me the first Wellendorff Rope. Still today, each time I touch it when I put on the rope, it's like my skin is being caressed by the gold. It's always a magical moment! I guard this necklace like a treasure and still enjoy wearing it today." Eva Wellendorff

Secrets of the Wellendorff Rings

The rings, too, hold secrets that only wearers notice. Thanks to the high-quality manufacturing, a special beloved feature has been created: The inner ring can be rotated smoothly and playfully.

True Comfort

Experience the genuine comfort of Wellendorff at your nearest jeweller.

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